Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Luxe by Anna Godberson

The Luxe
By: Anna Godberson
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Rating: 5

I had  hard time putting this book down. On the first chapter I was a bit confused but as I got further into the book I began to feel a strong connection and love for the characters. This had everything I look for in a book: Romance, mystery, manipulation, and a gorgeous narration by the author.

The story takes place in 1899, New York. The story is in 3rd person and takes place from several characters point of view. Elizabeth is a lovely complex character. Although she is seen as the stiff, perfect, and beautiful eligible lady of New York, we see first hand all of her troubles. She is filled with a endless battle to do what she knows is best or what she truly wants to do. When Henry Schoonmaker (the party boy and most eligible bachelor) asks for her hand she has no choice but to accept. Secretly however, she is madly in love with the stable boy Will. Will is one of my favorites. He makes his feelings for Elizabeth clear but says he won't stick around to watch the woman he loves marry someone else. He leaves for California in search of oil during the book.

Diana, Elizabeth's younger sister, is another of my favorites. She is wild and wonderful in the exact opposite that Elizabeth is. Lina Broud and Penelope would be considered the "evil" characters. Although i personally hate them each for different reasons I must give kudos to the author. It is rare to find a book that depicts wicked characters so vividly. During the hate there is also I twinge of sympathy for each character and even understanding.

I would definitely recommend this book to young adults and adults.

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