Saturday, November 19, 2011

Envy By Anna Godberson

                                      By: Anna Godberson
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                                        Rating: 4.5  

                 The third installment of the luxe series, Envy, was laced with enough scandal to drive the calmest readers to the edge. I was horrified and angry when I discovered the ending of rumors and was excited to pick up the next book. This had the same characters we fell in love with from the luxe, well, besides one. (((insert tears))) It had all the scandal we've grown to devour and it had the romance and schemes from the previous. However, I was a little disappointed. In a way I think its because I like stories to have semi-happy endings and this book definitely let those stay in fairy-tales.

Henry Schoonmaker, married to a woman he does not love while Diana watches from the side, heartbroken, drinks constantly to dull the pain. The new Penelope Schoonmaker is watching Henry and Diana with hawk-like eyes. She is no fool and she can see the way the pair of them still look at each other. It makes her sick to the stomach to think of her husband’s eyes searching for someone else in the crowd, but honestly, what did she expect? She bribed him into marrying her in the first place. (Does anyone else detest  Penelope.) Penelope knows all too well that the only way she will keep her man is by bribing and manipulating him further. But will Henry put up with it for much longer?

Elizabeth, possibly more heartbroken then her sister, is grieving the death of her husband. She has once again attracted the affections of Teddy Cutting and we all eagerly await to see how that will play out. I personally was heartbroken over Will, as well, but i suppose as suitors go Teddy is my favorite choice.

Finally there is Carolina Broud. Bribery and double-crossing has her in a interesting predicament. However I hate Carolina so much, (possibly as much as Penelope) that I have not a single good thing to say about her.

Anna Godberson has created an incredible third installment to the Luxe. I recommend this book if you enjoyed the first two and liked them. Enjoy!

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