Saturday, November 5, 2011

Princess Academy by Shannon Hale

Princess Academy
By: Shannon Hale
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Rating: 4.5

This book was a wonderful tale. It was likely meant for pre-teens or young adolescents but I enjoyed it anyway. Shannon Hale always infuses a certain quality to her writing that everyone can relate to.

The main Character, Miri, is by far my favorite. She and I would be friends. She's always trying to make people laugh, her laugh is contagious, she is kind and positive. She has a head on her shoulders that makes her able to deal with whatever comes her way, although she is small for her age she is very witty! Though she appears giddy and happy on the outside she feels a bit insecure on the inside. Miri feels useless and doesn't know what she is to do with her life. That's why the Academy is a great aspect of the story. At the end, she gets more of her life sorted out and complete. Peder, her best friend in the village is also a charming and unique character. Although there is a love connection between them, it is more of a side story rather then the full focus.

I appreciated the story between Miri and her father. I feel like it really shaped and formed the story in a lovely way.  I loved the setting, which was the mountains and I really liked the 'quarry speech' aspect to it. I thought that was an original idea and it added a new element to the story. The ending was wonderful and well written.

I recommend this book to those of you who enjoy fairy-tales and happy endings. I read this book quickly so it won't be one you'll struggle through. This is the kind of story every young girl would benefit from reading.
Shannon Hale is an excellent author and I completely enjoyed this book.

Note: I gave this book a 4.5 because it is meant for younger children and was a fairly short book. Other then that the book was incredible!

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